ComEC – Case Studies

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EDEKA Stores in Germany Save 9.5% on Energy Expenses

The EDEKA Group is one of Germany’s largest supermarket chains, with about 4,100 stores across the country. Lechertshuber & Wimmer GmbH owns over 20 EDEKA stores in Bavaria and identified ComEC VS as the suitable energy-saving solution. The installation, set up, and activation was simple and without interruptions to routine work. ComEC VS achieved 9.5% direct saving in electricity expenses.


Red Rooster in Kiama, Australia, Saves 12% on Electricity Costs

The Red Rooster branch in Kiama, Australia, is a local landmark, operating more than 15 years as part of the Red Rooster Restaurant Chain. The facility has an immense and varied electrical load adding up to an annual power bill of over $30,000. Mr. Willis, the owner, had indicated that with ComEC VS 125A, the branch saved over $4,000 annually: “Such level of saving is very significant for our business.”

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Maximum Security Prison Saves 11.9% on Electricity Costs

The maximum security prison is situated at a secluded desert area in Israel. It has steep electricity expenses generated by heavy duty perimeter & internal lighting, professional kitchen appliances, cooling/heating systems, security systems, etc. The management published a tender & evaluated electricity saving options. PowerSines’ ComEC VS was elected. It decreased energy usage by 11.9%, and reduced maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

Hotel Alpenhof in Zauchensee Saves 10.1% on Electricity Costs

Hotel Alpenhof Superior is located within the mountains of Salzburg, Austria. Being a large facility operating 24×7 and utilizing much electrical equipment, the hotel incurred high energy bills. Also, unstable voltage supply caused by the nearby ski lift resulted in frequent burning out of light bulbs. PowerSines’ ComEC VS achieved 10.1% direct saving in electricity. Maintenance costs were reduced significantly, too, as well as CO2 emissions.

Autogrill Restaurants & Shops Save 10% on Electricity Expenses

Autogrill is the leading global operator in fast-food and rest areas’ convenience stores, operating thousands of sites in multiple countries. The group is #1 in the field in Italy. Autogrill searched for a solution to reduce electricity expenses and reduce CO2 emissions. PowerSines’ ComEC VS achieved 10.1% direct saving in electricity expenses across installed sites, and reduced maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. A quick ROI of 2-3 years was attained.

Primula building in Stockholm

Apartment Buildings in Sweden Save up to 10.8% in Electricity

Primula Buildings AB provides cost effective, high quality rental apartments in Stockholm. It has 80 employees and a property portfolio of 245,000 sq. m. spread over 56 properties (3100 homes, 230 facilities). The buildings’ common areas contain electrical devices (elevators, washing machines, dryers, lights). Primula, as the management company, encounters high electricity expenses. PowerSines’ products enabled direct saving of up to 10.8%.

10-13% Saving in Electricity at PAZ Petrol Stations & Stores

Paz Group, Israel’s leading fuel supplier, owns 275 filling stations and 240 convenience stores which operate 24/7. The sites’ utilize extensive electricity for lighting, cooling, A/C, appliances, etc. generating enormous operating expenses. PowerSines’ ComEC VS and cloud-based Remote EMS were installed, achieving remarkable, ongoing direct energy saving of 10-13%. 

Austria’s AGM Wholesale Stores Save up to 9% in Electricity

ADEG Zell am See GmbH is a leading Cash & Carry, members-only, wholesale supermarket chain in Austria. In order to reduce its high annual electricity consumption attributed to extensive use of lighting and refrigeration loads, PowerSines’ ComEC VS 800A and 630A units were installed throughout the Chain, along PowerSines’ Remote EMS. ComEC VS generated up to 9% direct reduction in energy use in each site, as well as indirect savings.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Saves 13.4% in Electricity

DoubleTree by Hilton is an American hotel chain and a part of Hilton Worldwide. The DoubleTree Košice hotel has 170 comfortable rooms & additional facilities, and was quality rewarded with several prestigious awards. Installation of ComEC VS units achieved direct and continuous saving of electricity in the range of 12.7% – 14.1% in all locations, as well as indirect savings, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

10-12% Energy Savings at Chef Express in Italy

The leading convenience food chain, Chef Express, has over 100 store locations across Italy, and was confronted with massive electricity expenses. In order to be more economic, Chef Express selected the PowerSines ComEC VS product to execute its Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions Reduction Program. The system was installed in facilities throughout Italy. ComEC achieved 10-12% immediate energy savings at all sites.

Costcutter Supermarkets Save up to 10% on Electric Costs

Costcutter Supermarkets, a Barry Group franchise in Ireland, is weighed down by high energy costs generated from the large number of electrical loads used for refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and kitchen appliances. Following research, Barry Group chose Global Energy Management to aid in finding an energy efficiency solution for their supermarkets. Global Energy Management recommended PowerSines’ ComEC for its proven technology.

Dixie Grill & Bar Reduces Power Consumption by 11%

The PowerSines ComEC VS energy saving and efficiency controller was installed at Dixie, a famous steakhouse in Tel Aviv, saving 11% of annual electricity consumption. The restaurants’ market is very dynamic and competitive. Energy consumption is one of the major operating costs, which drives many restaurants to search and adopt quick and effective energy saving means utilizing PowerSines’ ComEC VS systems.

Saving Energy at Statoil Petrol Stations

PowerSines’ LEC proved to be a robust and reliable device with consistent saving of 20-25% on lighting in Statoil petrol stations in Latvia. However, when PowerSines rolled out its universal energy controller – ComEC VS, Statoil appreciated the new concept of electricity saving on an entire facility with integrated monitoring system, and conducted a test installation. The company reported consistent energy saving of 9% – 12% at the fuel stations.

15.6% Energy Savings at Hotel Alpendorf, Austria

Hotel Alpendorf is a family hotel located at the heart of Sankt Johann, one of Austria’s largest ski areas. The hotel facility operates year-round, with a high electric consumption comprised of general lighting applications, kitchen and refrigeration equipment, as well as HVAC systems used both summer and winter – totaling between 230,000 kWh – 270,000 kWh per year. With ComEC 250A, the hotel achieved 15.6% energy savings, and ROI within 2.9 years.

12.9% Savings at a Leading Fast-Food Chain

A leading fast-food chain providing an eco-friendly environment installed PowerSines energy saving solutions and demonstrated reduction of electric consumption and the lowering of their CO2 footprint. A typical fast-food restaurant utilizes lighting in various areas and numerous electric appliances with total electricity consumption of 16,000–28,000 KWh per month. ROI was achieved within 2 years using the ComEC 160A model.

8%-12% Energy Savings in Homes for the Elderly

The majority of Homes for the elderly in Slovenia are public institutions, designed to provide basic services to the residents; including housing, meals, laundry, personal hygiene as well as social services, health care, therapy, and leisure activities. These homes are usually large buildings equipped with a wide range of electrical appliances and lighting. ComEC successfully provided direct and indirect energy savings.

Smart Energy Savings at the Moses Chicken Farm

The Moses Chicken Farm, situated in Southern Israel, faces the same financial obstacles as most chicken farms worldwide — rising expense of chicken feed and reduced income from eggs and poultry. Furthermore, the rise in electricity cost had caused farm operation costs to increase, as well. Moses Farm chose to implement PowerSines’ ComEC, which is generating for them a cost-effective, non-disruptive solution with over 10% direct energy savings.

Voltage Optimisation for DP World Shipping

DP World Shipping is renowned as UK’s leading handler of North-South trades to and from South Africa. It is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, operating in 49 terminals across 31 countries, and growing. The site spreads across 33 hectares. PowerSines smart voltage controller, ComEC, was chosen, and it provided energy savings of 11%, as well as significant reduction in maintenance costs and in carbon emissions.

Abbeylands Nursing Home Optimises Energy Consumption

Abbeylands is a premium Nursing Home, built in 2005, consisting of a state-of-the-art complex and modern facilities. With Global Energy Managements’ consultation, they understood that implementing an energy efficiency solution would save expenses, which is essential due to the extreme budget cuts in the public sector. ComEC was installed and generated a 9% consistent energy savings, as well as annual reduction of 10.6 tons CO2 emissions.

The Good Fish Company Saves 12% on Energy

“We are always looking at ways to reduce operating costs and the ComEC offered this and more with the added advantage of voltage stabilisation. Global Energy Management is very efficient and they took great care not to affect our daily operations.”
Quote by John Daly – Plant Manager of The Good Fish Company

19.9% Energy Saving at Beaverbrooks Retail Store

Beaverbrooks is one of UK’s leading jewelers, with over 800 employees and 65 stores. Since they value contribution to the community and environment, they decided to reduce their electrical expenses and CO2 emissions. Together with Apollo Enviro – PowerSines’ UK partner, they identified ComEC as one route towards achieving their goal. The ComEC voltage optimizer generated savings of 19.9% on all electric costs – exceeding Beaverbrook’s expectations.

ComEC Saves 12.4% of Electricity at Israel’s Electric Corporation

Israel’s Electric Company (IEC) is the main supplier of electrical power in Israel. Established in 1921, IEC builds, maintains and operates power generation plants, sub-stations, and transmission and distribution networks with an aggregate installed generating capacity of 11,664 MW. Focusing on reliable supply and distribution of electricity, IEC invests in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to contribute to the environment and sustainability.