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PowerSines’ generic viagra 100 mg E-MCU, is a full-scale solution enabling the highest level of electricity efficiency with up to 15% savings of the total energy consumed at the site, while providing new levels of management, control and visibility to managers and analysts.

In addition, the Free viagra generic reviews E-MCU can easily upgrade PowerSines’ ComEC by a simple installation, thus enabling end customers the complete range of a fully monitoring, control and analytics solution.


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 Real Time Monitoring dashboard

 Integrated solution: energy saving, sub-metering, loads control, sensors

 Advanced power control


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Machine Learning

Using advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms of anomaly detection and energy efficiency scoring and forecasting, the system can identify anomalies and patterns, empowering energy managers’ decision making.

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Advanced Rules Engine

Using a wizard-based interface, rules can be intuitively defined to activate or adjust field devices, settings, sensors, interface with third-party servers, send SMS/email notifications, and much more.

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Real Time Monitoring Dashboards

Highly interactive dashboard monitoring screens displaying energy consumption, energy-saving, electrical figures, and site operational parameters – can be viewed by site or as multiple sites.


Dashboard-based analytics, visualizes empowering insights about energy consumption, patterns, and other operational parameters, on the fly or per user request, including sites’ comparison, normalized by square meters, and more.


The system allows for highly flexible settings of alerts on energy and other operational parameters thresholds, fully customized by administrators. Alerts are displayed per site, or grouping of sites, and can be filtered as needed.

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The system allows intuitive settings of repetitive tasks and sequences using the scheduler feature, optimizing energy usage and operational excellence for applicable sites.

B.I. – Smart Queries

Leveraging big data and wide applicative knowhow, the system provides unique business intelligence (BI) insights, simplifying queries and data analytics, benchmarking and creating powerful managerial reports.

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IoT Platform

Advanced IoT platform integrating energy and multiple on-site sensors and actuators to effectively manage and control single to multi-site scale deployments.


  Commercial Sites (fast food, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels, petrol stations) 

 Public Sector (hospitals, municipalities, law enforcement (prisons))

 Industrial and Production Facilities (transportation, metal, mining, agriculture, paper, plastic)

Legacy products:
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HS Series

HS series