AC Electric Motors


PowerSines pioneered the market in the development of motor drives and soft starts for electric motors. Leveraging 20 years of R&D and engineering experience, plus an in-depth understanding of AC motor design, PowerSines has invented an innovative method for controlling efficiency of AC motors based on utilization of voltage vectors in 3-phase electric systems.

The Voltage Vector Combination (VVC) controls voltage and power supply to AC motors keeping pure sinusoidal waveform, thus enabling energy efficiency and motor improvements.

Electric motor efficiency techniques currently offer the biggest potential for energy savings while improving efficiency of motor components and systems.

  • Add production capacity with no increase to electrical consumption
  • Add more machinery on same infrastructure
  • Improve motor start up using pure sinusoidal voltage and eliminate the need for VSD
  • Reduce maintenance costs and replacement parts
  • Simple installation with no programming or set up required

As a pioneer in motor technology, the family of Soft Starters from PowerSines continues to be used and sold to loyal customers. 

PowerSines electric motor control solution sold under the SinuMEC brand,  is a new category of AC motor controller that uses Sinusoidal voltage control to save energy and improve operations. The SinuMEC uses the patented V V C technology to provide complete electric motor efficiency and energy savings. The SinuMEC product is designed to work with AC motors running at constant speed while carrying variable loads.