Professional Services


Complementing our market-leading solutions, PowerSines comprehensive portfolio of professional services further enables customers to improve energy efficiency and cut energy costs. Leveraging decades of technological expertise and environmental awareness, PowerSines provides consulting, installation, training, and technical support services to customers worldwide. We work together with integrators and energy service companies (ESCOs) to implement and maintain our solutions at organizations across the globe.

Our range of professional services covers all stages of solution implementation:


Prior to getting a project up and running, we conduct an energy audit survey to determine the specific needs of each client. We then specify and engineer the project, including the review and analysis of existing equipment, in order to decide what additional capital expenditures are required on site to achieve the defined goals.


An increasing number of energy-efficiency projects today are carried out by integrators and ESCOs. Today, PowerSines offers such entities as a broad range of installation support in order to streamline implementation.


We provide customers, integrators and ESCOs with all training and documentation required to implement PowerSines solutions easily and effectively. Given the complexities of energy efficiency in today’s environment-driven society, we leverage our know-how to help organizations and enterprises better understand this evolving landscape.

Technical support

Once a project is implemented, we offer extensive onsite and remote technical support to ensure smooth operations anywhere, anytime.

Professional Services