You may be asking yourself why is there so much hype about voltage optimization, and if you are you’ll find that you are not alone.

To clarify some of your querries, we have aggregated some of the more prevalant questions being asked about the technology, our products, the savings, installation and more. Click on the pages below and review the frequently asked questions.

Should you have a question that is not on the list, please let us know.

The higher the voltage the higher the energy consumption.
Higher voltage tends to increase the heat generation in motors which inturn reduces the life expectancy of electrical equipment, increases your carbon emissions, and wastes money.

Utilities have increased the supplied voltage to an average of 242V to meed the rapidly rising demand for electricity and growing number of electric appliances. 
As a result, electric equipment and appliances are often operated in overvoltage conditions causing wasted energy, losses, electric stress and shortened equipment lifetime.

Most European electrical equipment is designed to run at the 220V nominal.
Electrical equipment designed to operate at an 220V is not operating at its best. 

With PowerSines ComEC voltage optimization systems you can start saving up to 18% on your electric costs, reduce your carbon emissions and improve your equipments life.