SmartLEC – Case Studies

Energy Saving at Schiphol Airport

After prolonged success of LEC devices with the Airport’s outdoor lighting, KLM decided to extend PowerSines’ solution to their facilities (administration buildings, warehouses and airplane maintenance hangars). 68 LEC systems had been installed on lighting circuits having fluorescent, CFL and high-bay metal halide fixtures. The installation was quick, without changing the existing infrastructure and with minimal disturbance to operations.

SmartLEC in MAN Trucks Automotive Factories

The first SmartLEC system was installed in the Niepolomice plant. After 3 months of testing and collecting data, MAN concluded that SmartLEC provides 24% saving with attractive ROI and fully complies with the lighting requirement in the factory. The most appealing fact was that the installation does not require any changes in the existing lighting infrastructure and fixtures, and that there is minimum disturbance to on-going production.

30% Energy Saving on Outdoor Lighting at Savannah Port

“The [LEC] lighting system continues our efforts to cut energy consumption,” stated Curtis Foltz, Georgia Ports Director. Thanks to the success of PowerSines systems, the project was entitled to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act grant awarded via GEFA. “PowerSines products are easy to install, fully controllable, highly efficient, enable dynamic voltage stabilization and have compact footprint,” said PowerSines Chairman. 

20% Savings on Electricity in EuroPark Shopping Center

The 86,000 sqm “EuroPark” shopping and entertainment center in Moscow is one of the largest and most central facilities, providing free parking services for over 1500 vehicles. Operating 24/7 the center is lit with metal halide lamps installed in ceiling fixtures of over 20 meters in height. Due to the frequent voltage fluctuations, EuroPark was dealing with regular lamp burn out and costly maintenance servicing.

Heineken Goes Green with PowerSines LEC Energy Savers

Since 1863 HEINEKEN has been brewing beer and today has the largest portfolio of beer brands and breweries all over the world. In addition, stated Thus Wim Arkesteijn, “HEINEKEN’s vision of ‘brewing a better future’ aims to correct economic and ecological balance through sustainable investment in our natural environment, society, people and partnerships.”

Sweet Energy Savings at Mentos

Perfetti Van Melle is famous for the manufacturing of chewing gum and confectionery products, selling internationally in over 130 countries. “We are the third largest sweets manufacturers in the world,” says Mr. Peter Marijnissen CEO of Breda Perfetti. With ~700 employees, they produce mainly Mentos for the European, American & Japanese markets.” Breda sets an example in energy efficiency trends and awareness.

21% Energy Savings at Grave Shipyard Factory

Grave Shipyard B.V, established in 1957 and located on the river Meuse, is a shipbuilding and repair yard for inland and coastal ships. Serving worldwide customers, they specialize in meeting the special needs and requirements of unique customization demands for all their customers. With 65 engineers, designers and builders all construction is carried out on-site in their state-of-the-art facility.

Eurolink Motorways Saves 21% in Electric Costs

Eurolink Motorway Corp. is the incorporated Irish company that holds the concession contract for design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of the M4-M6 Kinnegad-Kilcock Motorway. With 39 kilometers of motorway, Eurolink needed to reduce their annual electric costs and ample carbon emissions. According to the Sustainable Energy Ireland each KWh of electricity saved reduces CO2 emission by an average of 0.635 Kgs.

25% Savings at SCA Production Plant

SCA is ranked as the 2nd greenest company in the world; they are a world leader in incontinence care and hold leading regional market positions in baby diapers and feminine care. Operating in more than 90 countries with 52,000 employees, SCA considers the environment a prerequisite for the creation of a successful company.

Non-Disruptive Energy Savings at EMC Medical Center

Emek Medical Center (EMC) hospital is the largest facility providing health services to more than 500,000 citizens. Established in 1924, EMC houses 25 medical departments, 60 outpatient clinics, and over 1700 employees, of them 300 Doctors and 700 Nurses. With LEC, EMC experienced a total of 20.3% direct savings and an ROI in less than 2 years.

Las Olas Parking Garage

The Las Olas parking garage is located on the busy Las Olas Boulevard lined with dining, browsing, arts, shops, cafes and entertainment. The parking facility consists of interior and exterior parking space which operates seven days a week. The LECs reduced electrical consumption of the lighting by 21.8%

Power Consumption of Street Lighting in Cork County Ireland

An independent study for ESB and the Cork County Council identified 30% savings in electricity costs when the LEC A was installed and tested on a street lighting circuit. ESB supplies electricity and maintains for Cork County street lighting. An independent consulting company performed the controlled measurement testing of power consumption and recorded the findings. Results concluded a 30.77% savings on electricity costs could be achieved.

Suisse Majestic Hotel

This case study explores the installation of LEC Lighting energy controllers in a four star hotel in Europe where traditional lighting fixtures added to the ambiance of the hotel, but were costing a fortune in lighting bills.

Macy’s Distribution Center

Founded in 1994, Macy’s Logistics and Operations perform a wide range of logistics and distribution functions for all Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s retail divisions. The 600,000 square foot distribution center stores merchandise and vehicles and requires lighting 24/7 using HID lamps.

Coca Cola Bottling Plant Poland

This case study explores the installation of LEC Lighting energy controllers in four bottling plants in Poland. Benefits include reduction of electrical costs by 16% – 21% and a return on investment of around two years.

Green Club Sports Club

The Green Club in Lausanne Switzerland offers customers everything imaginable in sporting and leisure options, including restaurants and conference rooms. These extensive facilities require high quality lighting during day and night time operation.

Bus Depot Switzerland

Lausanne has been committed to sustainable development and to ecology for many years. With the development of a new bus depot, the Lausanne Municipality searched for energy saving solutions the large 7,440 m2 warehouse with illuminated areas of 20 hours a day, 365 days a year.

City of Morges Outdoor Lighting

Morges has more than seven centuries of history, and has been able to preserve all its beauty, its authenticity and its medieval originality through the years. The town’s objectives are to reduce the electricity consumption of public services without investing in a change of infrastructure.

Coca Cola Storage Warehouse

The Coca Cola Bottling warehouse in Bolligen Switzerland is one of the storage warehouses for Coca Cola AG where trucks and bottled drinks are stored before delivery to retailers and shops. Lighting of the warehouse is needed 18 hours a day as there is no natural light sources.