PowerSines has focused its efforts on energy efficient systems that can be installed on existing infrastructure, instantly reducing energy consumption on a daily basis.

Built around a proprietary and patented design, and using sophisticated control algorithms, PowerSines products provide optimized and pure sinusoidal voltage to the load. In other words, our products take the bulk utility provided to the facility and apply the right energy or the right voltage, and deliver it to the right application. As a result, only the right amount of energy required to maximize efficiency is delivered to controlled devices. We call this technology the RIGHTVOLTAGE.  This RIGHTVOLTAGE platform serves as the foundation of the entire product offering and implements the following technologies:Australia’s Top Real Money Casinos at new online casinos for real money.

  • I N V – Induced Negative Voltage – Inducing non-relevant voltage via a combination between voltage and current transformers to provide a high power transfer ratio (the ratio between load power and continuous power.
  • V V C – Voltage Vector Combination –controls voltage supplied to an electric motor by utilizing the vector and the voltage magnitude of 3-phase electric systems.

By supplying the RIGHTVOLTAGE, PowerSines products improve energy efficiency, reduce electricity consumption and minimize electrical and mechanical wear and tear.

Benefits of PowerSines technology:

  • Pure Sinusoidal voltage waveform
  • High efficiency and small footprint
  • No harmonic distortions, THD/EMI free
  • High reliability
  • Low losses
  • Voltage stabilization 

316590-diagram1_rightvoltage technology


PowerSines advanced solutions have been developed to not only offer financial savings, but more importantly, to also contribute to more efficient use of energy and a cleaner, greener environment. By managing and reducing electricity needed for lighting and industrial motor applications, PowerSines solutions play an important role in managing sustainable use of electricity and reduced CO2 emissions. Enterprises looking to implement a green environment policy cna greatly benefit by incorporating PowerSines’ solutions into their operations, all with ease of deployment, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and fast Return on Investment (ROI).

With tens of thousands of units installed and already saving electricity worldwide, this can be calculated to have generated an aggregated savings of over 2,000 GWH.  By reducing electricity consumption, we are directly reducing the CO2 emissions by more than 1,200,000 ton. At the same time, PowerSines products curb electricity peak demand, decrease network losses and cut electricity costs, enabling sustainable use of energy and offering financial savings alongside the long-term benefits of preserving our environment.

Calculate your carbon footprint here:

PowerSines is a member of many professional organizations promoting the sustainable use of energy and a greener environment.  We believe that being a part of these organizations gives us the opportunity to broaden the understanding of conservation that can implemented today, made effective right now, and utilized for many years to come.


Experts say one of the first things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is to get smart about energy efficiency. It turns out to be much less expensive, destructive and time-intensive to reduce demand through efficiency than to increase supply through new drilling or new power plants. With electricity being one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions, being more efficient with electricity is the simplest, easiest way to reduce toxic carbon dioxide emissions. 

PowerSines advanced solutions have been developed to not only offer financial savings, but more importantly, to also contribute to more efficient use of energy and a cleaner, greener environment. By reducing electrical consumption, we are also directly reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere as calculated by the standard Carbon Footprint Calculator (add more accreditations?)

Total energy conservation and CO2 reduction for controllers sold Worldwide:

  • Total connected power: over 300,000 KW
  • Aggregated energy savings for 10 years of contribution to a green environment: 2,000 GWH
  • Aggregated CO2 reduction for the same time period: 1,200,000 Tons

At the same time, our products curb electricity peak demand, decrease network losses, and reduce the amount of replacement parts needed for lighting and motor industries.
PowerSines continues to support CO2 reduction throughout the world through sales of the Lighting Energy Controller and SinuMEC Motor Controller, and through memberships in professional organizations such as:

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With all the hype about voltage optimisation, we have compiled some common questions. Please visit out FAQ page to find the answers that you need.